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Alma Paprika:Organic
Cherry type fruits ripen from cream-white to orange to red
Fruits are thick walled
Sweet, mild peppery flavor
Highly productive
70-80 days from transplant
±4,100 seeds/oz

Aurora Pepper:
Colorful fruits grow to 1-2 inches
Plants grow to 12 inches
Medium hot pepper
60-75 days from transplant

Habanero Red:
Small, rippled, bright red fruits
Plants grow to 3 feet
Very hot pepper
Enormous yields
90-100 days from transplant

Jalapeno Traveler:
Best-selling hot pepper
Cylindrical fruits grow to 3 inches
Peppers ripen from green to bright red
Hot pepper
70-90 days from transplant

Joe's Long Cayenne Pepper:
Hot pepper
Great for fresh eating or drying
Highly productive
thin red fruits grow to 12 inches
85 days from transplant

King of the North:
Best Seller
Blocky, uniform fruits
Great sweet flavor
Excellent for stuffing or fresh eating
Good variety for cool, short growing season
Sweet pepper
70 days from transplant
±3,600 seeds/oz

Great jalapeno flavor with no heat
Fruits grow to 3 inches long
Heavy producer
New for 2021
55 day (green) – 90 days (ripe) from transplant

Orange Bell:
Orange bell-shaped fruits grow to 4 inches
Excellent flavor
Highly productive
Heavy yields
Sweet pepper
90 days from transplant
±4,000 seeds/oz
Plant tags for Orange Bell

Purple Beauty:
Mild sweet flavor
Holds purple color well
Sweet pepper

Rooster Spur:
Tapered fruits grow to 2 inches
Plants grow to 2 feet
Excellent dried and ground for chili powder
Hot pepper
95 days from transplant

Sheepnose Pimento:
Flattened, tomato-type pepper
Sweet, juicy, thick flesh
Good canning variety
Stores well when refrigerated
Sweet pepper
70-80 days from transplant

Shishito Pepper:
Japanese heirloom is highly productive
Fruits grow to 3.5 to 4 inches
Very crunchy when green, slightly hotter when ripe
Sweet with occasional hot pepper
New for 2021
From the Collection
80 days from transplant

Thai Hot:
Tabasco-type fruits grow to ½ inch
Very productive
Good for container growing
Hot pepper
85 days from transplant

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Pepper, Alma Paprika (Organic), Pepper, Aurora (Organic), Pepper, Habanero Red, Pepper, Jalapeno Traveler Strain, Pepper, Joe's Long Cayenne, Pepper, King of the North (Organic), Pepper, Nadapeno, Pepper, Orange Bell (Organic), Pepper, Purple Beauty, Pepper, Rooster Spur (Organic), Pepper, Sheepnose Pimento (Organic), Pepper, Shishito (Organic), Pepper, Thai Hot