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Aunt Mae's Lettuce:

A butterhead lettuce bursting with bright green leaves that tolerates both cold and heat. This variety was donated to Seed Savers Exchange by Nestor Keen, who received seeds from his Aunt Mae in 1937. Butterhead, 50-60 days. ±26,700 seeds/oz

Baby Oakleaf Lettuce:

A dwarf, compact version of Green Oakleaf. Tasty and tender medium green leaves are oakleaf-shaped with rounded lobes. Holds for an extended period. Looseleaf, 50 days. ±31,000 seeds/oz.

Crisp Mint Lettuce:

Also known as Erthel, this standout lettuce is one of the best romaine varieties. The tender lettuce leaves bear a striking resemblance to mint and offer both excellent lettuce flavor and classic romaine crispness. The compact heads grow upright to about 10" tall. Introduced by the British seed house Thompson & Morgan in 1978. Romaine, 45-55 days. ±24,400 seeds/oz.

Speckled Lettuce:

Family heirloom sent to SSE in 1983 by SSE member Mark Reusser. His father obtained it from Urias Martin, whose Mennonite ancestors likely brought it in the early 1800s from Pennsylvania to Ontario. Juicy thick leaves are green tinged with red. Mild flavor. Looseleaf, 40-55 days. ±27,000 seeds/oz.

Three Heart Lettuce:

Donated to SSE in 2005 by Steve and Anna Marie Stoller of North Judson, Indiana. Steve received the seed from Amelia Scharlach Schini whose grandmother brought it with her when she emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine in the 1880s. It is still grown by a few elder members of the Apostolic Christian Church. Small chartreuse butterhead with crisp, tender leaves and a mild flavor. Butterhead, 40-50 days.

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