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Amish Melon:

Amish melon was first offered in the SSE Yearbook in 1983. Oval fruits are 9" long and weigh 4-7 pounds. Sweet orange flesh is very juicy with full muskmelon flavor and a rather thick rind. Produces good crops under almost any conditions at Heritage Farm headquarters in northeast Iowa. 80-90 days. ±1,100 seeds/oz.

Queen Anne's:

This variety is also known as 'Plum Granny' melon and 'Dudaim Melon.' Victorian women were known to carry these tiny melons in their pockets to counteract the rough aromas of life in the days before deodorant.
Melons were developed and domesticated in Africa and Asia. Europeans settling in the Americas are recorded growing honeydew and casaba melons in the 17th century.

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