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Black Cheery Tomato:
Vigorous regular leaf plants covered in clusters of 1" round cherry tomatoes. Dusky purple-black fruits bursting with rich flavor—sweet and complex. Indeterminate, 65-75 days from transplant.

Brandywine Tomato:
aka Red Brandywine) The original Brandywine introduced by Johnson and Stokes in 1889 from seeds they received from a customer in Ohio. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Large vines produce deep red 8-12 ounce fruits. Excellent flavor. Very productive. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant. ±8,900 seeds/oz.

Cherokee Purple Tomato:
introduced by North Carolina SSE member Craig LeHoullier in 1991 from seed obtained from J. D. Green of Tennessee. Uniquely colored dusty rose-brown fruits weigh up to 12 ounces. Delicious sweet flesh. Indeterminate, 75-90 days from transplant.

John Baer Tomato:
From the Bonny group of tomatoes that includes Chalk’s Early Jewel. Introduced in 1914 by J. Bolgiano and Son of Baltimore. Bright red, meaty, smooth fruits with very good flavor. Once a leading canning variety, also great for fresh eating. Heavy producer. Indeterminate, 60-80 days from transplant.

Nyagous Tomato:
Introduced in the 1997 SSE Yearbook by Glenn Drowns. Great black tomato that is virtually blemish-free. Baseball-sized fruits are borne in clusters of up to six fruits, very productive. Excellent full flavor, great for markets. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.

Trophy Tomato:
Introduced in 1870 by Colonel George E. Waring, Jr., of Rhode Island. Sold for five dollars per packet (equivalent to eighty dollars today). Gardeners paid the exorbitant price hoping to win the $100 grand prize at the local fair. Sweet 5-7 ounce tomatoes are ideal for slicing. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant. ±11,300 seeds/oz.

Truckers Favorite Pink Tomato:
This is the best strain of Trucker’s Favorite in SSE’s tomato collection. Uniform 3" pink globes grow in clusters of 3-4. Excellent flavor. Productive plants with good blight resistance. Indeterminate, 75 days from transplant.

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